Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hey all :)

Hey :) its hannah (or momma J as i have been renamed by the group)

well its almost a week and i cannot belive how fast it has gone. We have met so many differnt people in so many differnt stuations and we have all grown really close as a team.

Today i think was my biggest reality check of all as i met a girl who was exactly like me called Tamba (who is left of me in the picuture) she wanted to go down the same carrer pah and was my same age apart from she told me she cant go to universite so cant have the job. this really shocked me and has upset me for a while but i really hope she can achive her dream. the second girl in the photo is called City who spoke amazing english. She told us she spoke english as her mother died in 2001 and her mother told her the way of remembering her would be to speak english. There was many kids with simalr stories and it homed in on what the prject was about

Anyway sorry if i bored you as i do know how to babel

Really missing home. Mom Dad Meg Dan Laura Summer Nan Grandad Nan Auntie Mary and many more but if i carry on i will run out of room

Good Night anyway and see you all soon

Lots of Love

Hannah ( and Lizz who is sitting beside me xD )