Wednesday, 28 July 2010

hello :)

hey everyone its hannah

going home tomorrow and i cant belive its gone this quick yet it feels like we have been here for months. i really dont want to leave but missing everone back home.

This past week has been really good as we have moved to mercy air and we have had very differnt accomodtion. I personally felt guilty as it was so nice and i no many of the others did but you become more greatful for what you have in the first place.

But today we have been to a creche for young children while there mothers are working in the banana planation a few miles down the road. It was more diffcult to meet these children as not many understoode= english as as they dident you dident no there names.

Anyway i really dont want to come home but the good wrok is carrying on with commuinty team so good luck to them next week and see u when get home

love hannah xxxxxxxxxx