Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hello its Abbie here, I hope everyone is alright back in England and the weather hasn't been to bad, it did rain today a little whilst we were out at a village doing de-worming and also playing with the children. There were three children today down the end of the road. We had all piled out of the bus and were playing football. So I tried waving at them telling them to come over and play but every time I did or took a step closer, even though i wasn't close they would run away and laugh. They weren't scare. I think they were just intrigued by us an our skin colour and found it odd. I got Lottie to kick the football to me so that I would miss it and it would go to them and encourage them to play, and it did. Then they were laughing and playing with us. The one girl, who had he most gorgeous smile ever, picked up a can of coke that was rubbish on the floor and started playing with it, it was sad to see, we have so much to occupy our time, and they have nothing.

hen a girl walked past, around the same age as me, and was walking and looking after several younger bothers and sisters, you will hear about this on tv and sport relief all of those things until you see it though, trust me it doesn't hit you. The children and adults here are all so thankful just for life, its incredible and they are all so lovely. Today was the one of the best days, with yesterday being pretty good as well.

One hing that got to me then was a girl at a school we visited asked me "Have you got a family" I said "yes" she then asked if I had a brother I told her I didn't she then presumed that I had a sister and when I told her I was an only child I think they all found the concept expectantly weired. She then asked had i got a mom, I told her I had, all of the girls faces in the group dropped, they didn't.

So even though you will and do moan about your mom because she does this and that, don't you don't know how lucky you are to have her.

Love you mom and dad and missing my friends so much to, everyone else that is coming out here cant wait to see you, it is brilliant, so make the most of it, trust me you wont want to leave.