Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hello everyone , cant actually believe that we are going home tomorrow ! we have been doing lots of hard working last week but not much this week because we all had 3 days no working but today we went to clinic, and we had to play with children while thier parents or someone in the clinic. they get lonely if we werent there also it was so emotional and very sad because i hate leaving people not seeing them again! when i go home i would deffinaty changes my personatly and everything esle. hope you all are okay and sorry i havent sent anything on the blog past of the weeks because i have been focus on this and last weeks . on monday we all went to Natural park we saw lots of different types of animals . mostly i saw an elephant but i feel so bad because them people who live next to it cant affords to go and WE CAN !! See you lots soon and we know we all miss you especially family and friends . lots of love Georgia xxx