Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hello all, It's Amy-Leigh here.
I just thought i would update you on how I'm feeling about what we have been doing over the past couple of days..

So on Sunday we went to a church called Hope of Glory in a black community. It was amazing the way they worship! I walked in to the church and heard them singing and burst straight into tears. I didn't stop crying the whole way through I'm sure!

On Monday (day 2), we split into two groups and seperated into whether you wanted to visit a primary school or go to do home based care. I went to the primary school, we sang songs, played games, then went and interacted with the children. All they wanted was to see your technology so we were taking pictures like mad. We moved on from the school to de-worming and the shocking thing was it was most of the school kids that were at the de-worming. I felt i should have been doing more than standing there handing peanut butter jelly sandwhiches to a child who has just been given a tablet, but I couldn't.

On Tuesday we had the choice to go back to a different primary school or go to home base care. I picked to go to the primary school. We pretty much went through the same routine, but we went to the staff room then walked round to the assembly point and when we got there they we all singing and stamping their feet! I stood back and watched, it gave me serious goosebumps. We interacted with the children again and we played such games as follow the leader when i had hundreds of children following me round a field! It was the best. We went to de-worming and again it was the same children and i was handing out drinks, and yet again felt i needed to be doing more. We had to go to a snake presentation were he had snakes there with him, I'm really not the best with snakes and it didn't help that i wasn't feeling the best so when i walked into the room somebody tried to hand me snake skin and it then made me feel sick as well!

Well that is my full blown recount of the past 3 days. Hope you didn't get too bored :)
Lots of Love,