Monday, 26 July 2010

Hello again its Abbie here in the amazing Africa. The past few days we have done sight seeing and it has been incredible , south Africa truly has some of the most beautiful servery in the world. It still dosnt disguise the fact that it is stricken with povety, one of my new africa revolutons is ot only eat when im hungry and finsh evreything aswell, so smaller portion sizes im thinking mom. Today I did a typical thign of "oh im really thirsty!" so went and brought a can of fanta had two sips and didnt want anymore, what a waste, I obviously do not know the true meanig of thristy. I felt so guilty on the way home, seeing people wander past carring water, possibly carrying it for miles, and quing to fill the water up from taps for ages. And I was there with my fanta that I didnt want that siome children would proberly kill to have, to help kill there thirst. I wanted to stop the car and get out and give it to this child I saw quing for water. Another example of how I take simple thigs for granted. I better go now we got up at half four so it has been a logn day.
Love evreyoneback home xxxxxx