Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hello again everybody, its Abbie here again. I hope you are all ok and everything is alright back in England.
Today we all went on a home based care visit and also did de-worming in the afternoon. It was a truly fantastic day, I'm temped to say the best so far, but currently i have said that every single day. When I arrived I was in a group with Shane Amy-Leigh and Miss Allen. The first man we saw, he had diabetes and had to have this one leg amputate due to an infection related to the diabetes. Also he was admitted into hospital for eight months with TB and the hospital kept on chaining his medication due to various effects it was having on him. He said that his life was terrible and it was hard with out an nonelectric wheel chair.
Then the next home we went to there was a woman who was looking after her mother and her sister, the sister had had her husband and daughter pass away. She was also blind. When we asked how old her mother and sister was she didn't know, but went to get the passports, her mother was 100 and her sister 82, still at 100 the woman was so lively despite not being mobile and was so pleased to see us.

Then we did de-worming and I played with the children there was these few girls that just wouldn't let go of my hand, one of them was called princess, and she repeated everything you said which was rather funny and cute. Her sister was called Antonia, she was ten years old, I asked her who lived with her, sh said me and my sister princess. She was ten and the head of the house. Its not right, such a small child who should be playing in the street with her friends has to make sure her and her sister say alive, and healthy, to much pressure, and to be honest it made me cry. We are so spoilt and really so much on well placed systems, we forget others don't have that and have to fend for themselves way to much. I have loved the last few days, and I love the children, but behind some of their happy exterior their are problems, and we need to help resolve them.
Love everyone back home xxxxxx