Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hello all,
Today has been rather different for me. I went to a South African Hospital, Well what happened is the last day i have been very tierd even though i slept all night, Also my hand was shaking, so everyone got worried even tho i was perfectly fine, Well anyway this morning everyone insisted on taking me to hospital. I didn't really want to go, but they wanted me to.
When i got their i had to be Examined and then i had to have a blood test, she put it in one arm and no blood would come out so she had to do it in my other arm. After this we had a long wait to get the results, Me and Jip Went and had some lunch, We got our lunch and eat it, Once we had finished the results were in.... She said everything was fine except i had tics or something which is from a bite. She gave me some medicane to take and now everything is fine... Well thats all. Oh Shane told me the other day that im not fine and now he keeps on making me say, Shane is always right.....

Cant believe that we leave tomorrow! Im going to miss everyone here! Were all having a real good time here and we all dont want to leave.

See you all soon!
Danni x x