Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hello everyone! It has been a very long day, Everyone is doing ok but we are tired.

Today we had to get up at 6:00Am, But Hannah Woke us up a bit later, we all got ready and we left around 8:00Am, Today we were going to do homebase-care and de-worming again, luckily the drive to where we were going to be for the day was only around the corner, When we got their we were introduced to all of the group, we did the African Hand Shake. After we had meeten everyone we walked up and down the street and they were singing a song, i think it was something to Health because they were holding up signs about health, but im not really that sure because i couldnt really understand them, After we did this we spit up in to smaller groups so that we didnt over crowd a small house. I wasn't really looking forward to going to homebase-care because i didn't want to get upset. We had a short walk around the corner to someone's house. I was expecting it to be a small house that hardly anything in ( Because this is what you see on the T.V) we got to the house and it was quite big and it had a T.V, Carpet, They had 2 bedroom's and elecricity, I was really surprized to see this. In the house that we went to their was a husband and a wife living their, The wife was ill but not seriously ill, and the husban was looking after her, when we got their we were greeted by them, they were really welcoming. We helped them to clean their house, i did some sweeping up and brushing. I went outside and i met a small girl who was called Suzi, She was shy a first but then she started to help me sweep up, and then i took a picture of her and she started to play wih me. When we were ready to go she wanted to come with us and she started to cry.

After we had finished in their home we wen back to where we were de-worming, we had our luch and then i helped make some peanut-buter sandwhich's, by the time i had finished makeing them some children came and i started to play with them and talk to them, It was really good to talk to them because it was intresting to see what they had got to say, we were playing with them different games. We played with them for a while.

After we had finished at the de-worming place we went back to hand's at work, we had some tea, and now most of us our packing ready for tomorrow! :)

Missing everyone loads!
Speak to you soon!
x x x