Thursday, 15 July 2010

14 hours to departure...

It's just after 9pm on the 15th July... about 14 hours to go.

We are packed, and tired, but about as ready as we can be for this stage.

We have probably forgotten lots... But there is a really nice feeling about now... the project has taken over 18 months to arrive at tommorow's departure and that of the rest of the team on the 23rd July.

Andy Evans has been working super hard on the car hire, tomake sure that we get the cars we need, when we need them, where we need them... at a price which we can afford. Thanks Andy!

Thanks to the many people who ahve given time, money and effort- over the last 18 months

To everyone in the schools and churches and wider community of Great Wyrley who has helped and encouraged...thank you

thanks to Linda & Carol at Passionate Media... too much to mention all the ways you have helped.

There have been so many good wishes too from loads of people... Thanks for those.

But most of all I am feeling grateful to God for bringing us all to this point... without His help and inspiring of people, puting it on their heart to give and get involved- well we wouldn't have had a hope. So thank you God!

Next blog... probably after we check in at Heathrow tomorrow- maybe with a photo to show too... but don't get your hopes up!

We leave from Great Wyrley High school at 11.00am tomorrow (16th July) & 11.15 from Cheslyn Hay High School. If you want to come to wave us off, then please do. we'd love the encouragement and it would be great to see you.

God bless

Richard Westwood